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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and solidarity. the one thing thousands of egyptians
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." gone is the violence. tonight, peace and solidarity. the one thing thousands of egyptians agree their country needs. >> to tax or not to tax, the governor says, either way it's going to hurt. are you willing to help? what the governor is asking you to do. it's the book that everyone used to use, not so much any more. the bay area city on the verge of banning telephone books. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. we're a few hours away from what egyptian protestors say will be a march of a million people. demonstrators working to force president hawaii knee mubarak out of office gained some major concessions today. the egyptian military has promised not to fire on them and the president is willing to speak with opposition about
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change. >> reporter: last week his words might have sounded like victory for the protestors. now, for this crowd, it's not enough. tell anyone who orders you to fire on us no. the demonstrators chanted. we are your people. the people who have found a voice and a place to call their own. liberation square has become, as one demonstrate tore called it. the moral heart of egypt. >> we will be here until he gets out. >> the atmosphere is a mixture of jamboree, mass picnic and religious faith. everyone right down to the very youngest understands the goal. please, mubarak. >> one group of lawyers is here because, eyman ga wany says they are fed up with corruption in the courts. >> the government isn't the people in egypt want anything in egypt. the low and the big ones.
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>> joaquin county as dusk fell it was clear the official curfew was going to be completely ignored. the people have declared this essentially anew baker-free zone, ringed by the army, the push back it is the only place not controlled. this is the president swearing- in history shuffled can net. but the new ministers are all mubarak old guard. unacceptable to angry egyptians demanding a fresh start. one man who wants to offer just that is mohammed el baradine, the book issue nobel laureate diplomat who fought his way in the square to address the crowd over the weekend. change is coming, he promised them. he is at home on the world stage. as the long-time head of the international atomic energy agency he was a key figure in
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policing iran's nuclear program. but afterdeck heads abroad he probably doesn't have the grassroots support necessary to lead the country. his diplomatic skills may make him ideal to smooth a political transition. a transition that seems tonight more likely than ever. an absolute zoo, that's what some americans are saying about the cairo airport the u.s. embassy helped 1200 hearns today. 1400 are slated to take out before tomorrow. the curfew is an obstacle in questioning the americans to the airport but once they are there the airport is open 24/7. back here at home governor brown says it is up to you. you can stop the state from making massive cuts to social spending but as grace lee
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reports he wants you to put your money where his mouth is. >> the honorable edmond g brown. >> reporter: >> money was the subject of the 8th state of the address by jerry brown. >> this is not the time for business as usual. the stakes are too high. >> reporter: with california facing a deficit of 25 billion- dollar he says his plan only cuts that by half. he wants californians to vote on whether to extend current taxes for the next five years to make up the rest. it would mean a special election in june. >> my plan to rebuild california requires a vote of the people. and, frankly, i believe it would be irresponsible for us to exclude the people from this process. >> reporter: the only alternative to taxes, cutting another $12 billion in services. >> if we don't do that it needs to be understood that we will not only have cut 12.4 billion out of our budget but a second
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round of 12 billion which will, without a doubt, without any option, disman many our infrastructure, k through 12, our institutions, health care and social services. >> reporter: it's a smart strategic move by the governor says cbs5 political analyst joe tuman. >> byish making the argument about cuts and then taxes he avoids i think the criticism that other people usually get that you're not willing to make sacrifice before you ask voters to come up with more money. in that sense, although it will be a difficult sell, i think it's something he can still win. >> reporter: governor brown dared republicans to try and stop his plan. >> or if you want to block the people's right to vote stand up and say "block that punt." >> i think it is a waste of tack pear money to hold a special election so you can find out what the voters already told you. every initiative that included higher taxes failed. >> i haven't stopped them, they have already voted before. right now i think what the
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people really want you to do is fix the problem, get us back to work, stop making excuses. >> whether you choose to tax or not to tax, even the governor acknowledged it going to hurt. >> do i like the choices we face? no, i don't like them. >> reporter: in sacramento, grisly cbs5. a big announcement expected this week from oakland's top cop. chief anthony batts says he will let mayor jean quan know by the end of the week if he is going to remain chief. he had applied to become chief in san jose but did not get the job. he said he had concerns about the support and resources being provided to the oakland police department but, today, he seemed encouraged that the mayor agreed to bring back 10 police officers laid off last july. >> reporter: you expected to fill your three-year contract? >> i'm happy the mayor is pushing forward with the things she is doin'. just to be perfectly honest is that the mayor and i are
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sitting down and that's a conversation we'll have during this week. >> he said those meetings will determine if his vision fits oakland's vision of the future. police now believe an anonymous call that a gunman had entered an elementary school was a hoax. they locked down las kalitta school and evacuated all of the children moving them to a secure location but then searched the room finding nothing. then parents tried to find out what was going on. robert liles has details tonight. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the oakland unified school district tells cbs5 tonight that it appears that 911 call came from right here on campus and the caller called himself a custodian with a very cryptic and ominous message, that a white male was on campus with a rival and he had barricaded himself inside a classroom. >> we're going to try to utilize our forensic techniques
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at our disposal to trace the call and find out exactly who made the call. >> counselors will be on campus all day tuesday to help any student upset by the incident. other bay area headlines, in dublin 100 people attended a candlelight vigil for eileen mitchel hoff. she disappeared 22 years ago walking to a skating lesson, she was 13 at the time. they want to remind people to keep an eye out for their daughter. >> a fisherman's wharf vendor is charged with killing two people. two employees, a man and a woman were found at the original discounted perfumes shop. police are looking for two witnesses who left the area before they finished giving their eyewitness accounts to detectives. firefighters are trying to
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find out what started a fire at a pet store in fremont. 3 pit bull puppies were killed. they say the fire broke out at an open pen area puppy paw's store on fremont boulevard. the fire was out in 15 minutes, fire crews were able to save 6 other puppies. it shows up at your front door but do you even bother bringing it inside your house. one area politician is about to declare war on the yellow pages. >> reporter: the yellow pages, a pre-internet reallyic or a life lineup for small business. that all depends on whose fingers do the walk. >> when is the last time you used the yellow pages? >> the physical book? i don't think i used it in the last 10 years. >> reporter: san francisco is targeting the piles of phone books left on door steps everywhere. he says if you stack the 1.6 million yellow page phone books delivered every year in the city it would be as tall as 300 transamerica buildings.
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>> i think it was a relevant tool in the 20th century. >> they cost up to a million dollars to recycle. part of his ordinance would allow them to be delivered only if the company confirmed they want one. >> the current 5 to 10-pound book of yellow pages is really an objection some liter tool. >> i think 3 million small business people would disagree with him on that. >> reporter: apartment hely with the yellow pages association says small business would be hurt. she argued the yellow pages are using more recycled paper and that the industry also redesigned yellow pages opt to make it easier to stop deliveries. >> but to single out yellow pages when there are free community newspapers and derek mail and other classified advertising out there, we believe, is unfair. >> reporter: still the heavy books seem to be a tough sell. >> i don't know if it's accurate. i've used it in the past and a lot of times the businesses are out of business. >> reporter: if the ordinance passes it would be the first in
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the country. kiet do, cbs5. which people and which american cities work the hardest to look the best? the people in the bay area who supposedly are more vain than people in l.a. slamme hat huge wave. wiped out at mavericks thankful to be alive. what he remembers about being slammed by a big wave. temperatures are going back up. today we'll hit the mid-70s, we'll pinpoint that day as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. tonight.. ,, [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox, then my squirrel... and now, this.
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well, a list of the most vain areas of the country came out today, and san francisco made that list, the daily beast ranked major metro areas on the amount of time residents spend in the spa, the gym, or on personal care products, san francisco took the top spot by being the city spending the most in monthly personal care. it also lad the largest percentage of people who are not overweight and who go to the gym. so rounding out the top 5 most
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vain cities are boston, new york, los angeles, and that hotbed of vanity, hartford, connecticut. a southern california surfer who was nearly killed in heavy surf at mavericks is talking about his ordeal. michelle goalie with his story of survival. >> reporter: i ended up getting sucked over backwards which is the worst place you could possibly be on a big wave like that. >> reporter: 30-year-old jake freddy is reliving the moment he was thrown over a 35-high foot waive in northern california. he nearly drowned. >> if that was my head i would have been dead. that's a rock that hit my board. >> reporter: the south orange county surfer was airlifted to stanford medical center where he was placed in a medically induced coma. that was only 9 days ago. today he is grateful he is walking and talking, thank full to be alive. >> it felt like i got dropped from a, you know, four-storey
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building under water, and then i hit the bottom, and i remember, that's the one wave i remember i hit the bottom and then i swam back up to the top. >> reporter: he was slammed by at least two more giant waves. he was then knocked out. >> from what i understand a kayaker, they -- everyone saw my board and a kayaker was on the other side of the rocks and he said "there is somebody in the water," he yelled"there is somebody in the water" and he started waving his paddle and he waved his paddle at russell ord, on the jet ski. >> ord was illegally in the surf that day on a personal watercraft. had he not been there jake would have like he disappeared under the waves. when he was brought to the beach unconscious and blue he had been under water for 8 minutes, a nurse dialed 911, a helicopter landed and fehr reed the critically injured surfer to the hospital. his father and mother were by
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his side when he woke up. >> i said jake, it's mom. he flickered his eyes and i said "jake, do you hear me," and he just barely, because he was still pretty much heavily sedated at that point. >> reporter: she said god has a plan for her son. jake, an ad mitted thrill seeker says he is going ba to mavericks but he will be safer and smarter next time. >> something told me i was gonna be all right. i don't know if that's a near- death experience but there is something out there that told me that i was gonna be fine. >> any they'll goalie, cbs5. >> good work by the medical staff to bring that guy back? yeah, yeah. all right roberta, on to you and our fabulous weather here? >> 55 degrees today in half moon bay to 66 degrees in santa rosa which is 11 trees above normal. for this last day of the month of january, as the sun did set tonight at mount vac a wee did
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have a few high, thin cirrus clouds but over all the patchy dense fog working its way back past towards the dell 25. also santa rosa having fog. but the low between 37 and 45 degrees. kick starting the morning we'll have pockets of fog, low stacks situated on the coast, and then everybody clears out to a mostly sunny day. this storm track is diverted well to the north of the bay area as high pressure fills in. we return more to that wind out of the north about 15 to 20 late day. so becoming a bit on the breezy side and certainly try conditions. 112% of where we should be for this time of the year as we are now a little bit over half-way through our rainy season, only 75% of normal in san jose, but remember these numbers continue to go down each and every day when we lack rainfall and we certainly don't have any in the forecast for the first day of february. number-wise, 60 to 66 degrees,
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they said the forecast, take a good look at it, it comes down gently wednesday due to the fact of an increasing wind, otherwise numbers sore back into the low and even low mid- 70s well inland, primarily south of the san jose area, not a rain drop in sight. we did have a fog in site, and brian wash got up early in the day in hayward. thank you for ending it to >> all right. thank you ma'am. we're coming right back with ken's good question. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rarely get something exactly right during the first go around. it takes time for things to shake themselves out. why was the state ca you may have noticed lawmakers rarely get anything right the first time around, it takes time for things to shake themselves out. why was the state capital in bow niche a before it was moved to sacramento? that's tonight's good question. you learned it in the fourth grade. the capital, state of california, sacramento. but i bet your teacher didn't know where it was in 1853. >> you know, at the time, this building was erected this town was bigger than you are ba ben
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a is what they called san francisco before it was san francisco. and this brick building was the state capital before that. the building was erected in only 3 months, wooden columns in the state assembly room were made from the cedar masts of ships left abandoned in the gold rush. but they moved the capital to sacramento after only 13 months in one of the earliest political back door deals in state history. >> it was moved because john big letter, the governor of california, was afraid he wasn't going to get re-elected. >> so big letter cut a secret deal with david broderick, the leader of the opposition democratic party. >> the deal was simple. if i make sure you get re- elected, governor, you make sure that the legislature will make me a united states senator. >> if it worked he would use his influence to help big letter move the capital to sacramento where he had business interests. guess what. it worked. >> it's nothing new, is it? >> nothing new under the sun.
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>> go to cbs click on "connect" to send me your good question. today was supposed to be d- day for several cal sports teams. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll let you know what happened. let the hype machine begin for super bowl xlv. kickoff is next. >> it all started with one danville store and a passion to redefine concession shopping. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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teams in the super bowl city...the place comes to life and hyperbole goes into high gear..for there is nothing like the arrival of the super bowl teams in the super bowl tee. the hyperbole goes into high gear. the packers and steelers arrived in texas. some already in the lone star state of mind. mike mccarthy coming off his airplane in his first super bowl. the former offensive coordinator grew up in pittsburgh, he was a steelers fan, in fact as a volunteer assistant at the university of pittsburgh in 1989 he was a toll booth worker to make ends meet. out packers l >> didn't pay much, as a summer job, i know a lot has been made of it. i don't want to disrespect the pennsylvania turnpike, i studied when i was there when there was no cars coming through the booth, so -- but it was a good experience.
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steelers safety troy poll monthly you beat out troy maclin for defensive player of the year, get this, by two votes. but the rivalry is all about the hair. recently matthews signed an endorsement deal with swab, a direct shot at polamalu's deal with head and shoulders. >> thank you, yeah, i appreciate that. i don't know which camera i need to look at but go get it. high school hoops lincoln coach matt jackson taking overdue tease from mike opinion i can't telly who recently passed away. two of his 12 against galileo. then ron cal ga analysis buried the two. the mustangs win 54-46. 8-2 in league play, wearing black arm bands in honor of their fallen head coach. the self-imposed deadline that the cal athletics department gave it for the elimination of three sports including baseball came and went this afternoon, they told cbs5 the university is expected to make an announcement within
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the next 10 days, maybe as early as friday, have a they evaluate the level of the commitment from the donors which claims to have raised 16 to 25 -- 16 of the 25 million needed to keep three programs afloat. in short, there are still two strikes, two outs, but the bases are loaded. >> we feel like we've got, you know, everything moving forward and the right people in hand and you know, we can get this done given the right amount of time and we're very close already, we think we're even moving the needle even closer than the 15 we had already. so we're pretty opt miss particular. >> and the top 5. eduardo no ra an is a full-service kind of guy. spills the lady's drink, calls for another. make sure it's the good stuff. they beat the bobcats. sean white, his double twist making him the most powerful athlete in all of pro sports, the first peyton manning. manhattan down two, michael
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alva rad oh from half court. good. the jaspers beat march risks at the buzzer. blake griffin chopping his skills for the dunk competition. and it comes to us from a crazed fan in berkeley. >> dana, and roberta, i'm just passing through and i want to tell you you have a major fan here. you're the most feminine, intelligent women, a sense of humor, thank you very much for sharing that with all of us. go bears. >> how did you get your brother to do that? >> that's really want i want to know. >> thank you brian. wow. >> yeah. >> it's kind of self-serving, i don't do that very often, but he insisted on conveying that message to our two beautiful and wonderful anchors. >> great. >> very sweet. >> i'm blushing. >> thank you. >> me too. >> wow.
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>> we'll be right back. >> not often for roberta either. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by cadillac. the new standard of the world. brought to you by your new cadillac today. >> ken, you're looking a little peaked. do you have a fever.


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